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We produce special pewter models and we deliver to anyplace in the world. The focus of our job is transform rude materials, using recicle methods, into special and historical pieces, always thinking and looking for the best quality for our products


This is theme pieces that represents the battle between the Asthecs vs. Spaniards. The pieces are made of white methal and they are hand-painted. A good option for those people who aprecciate art and chess games in general. The king measures 5 inches and the laborer 2 inches.
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Special pieces for collectible. We produce a limited quantity, if you order it will be a pleasure to produce them. This is a great gift to people who loves art and the Cruzade Themes.
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This is a caricature of the Sgt. Peppers band - Lonely Hearts. We have the Beatles in differents clothes and a lot of differents personalities like: Merelyn Moore Saddan Hussain Charles Chaplin Visit ?Products? and find more!
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